Product Launch: New Fiio BTR5 2021!


We’re all familiar with Fiio by now and, if you’ve looked into a portable source for any headphone-jack-less smartphone, you’d likely have come across their BTR5. This was lauded as one of the most impressive Bluetooth receivers on the market and offered double-duty as a wired DAC/AMP, representing great value. Fiio has recently refreshed the beloved device in the form of the BTR5 2021!

The new BTR5 sports a new dual ES9219C DAC chip (vs dual 9218P) setup with ESS Hyperstream III. This is the main difference as it retains the same CMOS CUF208 USB decoder and CSR 8675 BT chip. Power output remains unchanged as well in addition to the design and asking price. Altogether, a subtle yet appreciable upgrade at no additional cost.

The BTR5 2021 just launched for $119 USD, you can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio.


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