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Product Launch: NITSCH X Schiit Piety Headphone Amp!

Schiit has long been one of the most popular brands for audiophiles, especially their entry-level devices due to their excellent value. NITSCH is a new company started by Christian Tanimoto III, who holds previous titles as Massdrop’s senior Audiophile product manager. Founded in 2021, the company focuses on rare, small-batch audio gear. The Piety represents the product of his collaboration with Schiit. It promises solid-state practicality combined with a musical tube-like sound. How this was achieved was via a new take on the continuity circuit pioneered by the Jotunheim 2. It offers a massive array of transistors in its output stage and the entire circuit has been miniaturised to fit in a frame barely half the size of the Jot. In addition, rather than OP-AMPs, the Piety uses discrete components, embracing distortion characteristics to produce an intentionally coloured sound. In alignment with NITSCH’s ethos, only 1000 units of the Piety will be produced.

You can sign up on Apos Audio to hear about the launch on Nov 20th at 9am PT and place an order to secure a unit for yourself!



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