Product Launch: Oriolus Flagship DAP!


If you’ve dabbled in high-end IEMs, you’ve probably come across Oriolus in some manifestation. The same company is also behind Hyla who have received no shortage of accolades for their innovative tribrid earphones. The company is mixing it up by trying their hand at DAP design.

The new DPS-L2 is a flagship-tier DAP featuring ESS’ 9038 Pro DAC chip alongside analogue potentiometers, dual 3.5mm output and a balanced 4.4mm output. It has a distinct retro design complete with mechanical switches. Despite this, the device merges new and old with a high-definition IPS display, Hibylink and Bluetooth.

The DPS-L2 will be limited to 999 units worldwide and is priced at $2199 USD. You can read more about the DAP on HiFiGO here and treat yourself to a unit here.


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