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Product Launch: SMSL Releases a Brand-New High-End AMP!

Fresh off the release of the SU-X comes the SH-X which is the amplifier companion to the company’s new DAC. The SH-X offers a huge 11.5W (16 Ohm) power output alongside ultra-low noise and 3-way gain befitting of a high-end product. A full-colour HD IPS display completes the experience alongside a new futuristic design that matches the SU-X. SMSL has carefully selected 40 OP-AMPs per channel to offer a parallel design. In addition, the SH-X has integrated pre-amp functionality allowing it to perfectly integrate into an existing audio setup.

The SH-X just launched for $699 USD, you can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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