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Product Launch: Tin HiFi T3 Plus!

Tin HiFi has made a name for themselves with their T2 which was, for a while, the go-to budget IEM recommendation. The company then moved on to more sophisticated planar designs and have since returned to their roots in the form of the T3 Plus!

This is an affordable single driver earphone using a 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver. Tin HiFi is promising a balanced tuning as made the T2 so popular. This has been paired with a 3D printed shell with a dual-cavity design and high-performance magnet structure to provide a more detailed sound than before.

The T3 Plus just launched for $79 USD. It is currently available on HiFiGO at a discounted preorder price of $69 USD at the time of writing. Please see their store here to snag a deal for yourself!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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