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Product Launch: Topping E50 & A50 Stack!

Topping requires little introduction these days. Their sources frequently top the measurement charts and their reasonable pricing has made them a favourite with both fans and critics. More so, their new models have continued to build upon this foundation, delivering increasingly impressive objective measurements despite keeping the cost just as low. Their latest offerings have focused on expanding the feature set and IO in order to provide not only a high-performance listening experience but a versatile one too. With that, welcome the new E50 and A50 stack that build upon the popular E30 and L30 that were previously released.

E50 DAC Highlights

The E50 uses ESS’ ES9068AS DAC chip, one of their highest performance chips currently available and with native MQA support. Combined with the XMOS XU216, you receive huge codec support up to DSD512 Native and PCM 32-bit/768kHz. The E50 supports RCA and balanced TRS output while also featuring an ultra-low noise preamp and remote control operation in tandem with a bright colour display.

L50 AMP Highlights

The L50 represents a huge spec bump over the L30, now supporting balanced output, 3-gain settings, pas through mode and upgrade all around to sound quality. Using Topping’s famous NFCA module inside, it outputs a whopping 3.5W of power per channel into a 16-ohm load with a <0.3uVrms noise floor rand <0.1 Ohm output impedance. This should make it an excellent choice for both difficult to drive headphones and sensitive IEMs, especially combined with its more diverse gain options.

The E50 is available for $269 USD and the L50 is available for $229 USD on Apos Audio. You can also purchase both in a bundle at a discounted price via Apos Ensemble! Expect a review coming soon to THL!



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