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Product Launch: Topping Pre90 & Ext90!

Following up on their hit amp designs, Topping just announced the Pre90 preamplifier and Ext90 input extender to take their D90/A90 stack to a whole new level.

The Pre90 offers the same NFCA module from the flagship A90 in addition to voltage current hybrid feedback architecture and UHGF technology to provide excellent DC and AC performance. It offers an ultra-low noise floor and extremely high 145dB dynamic range promising zero audible noise and the darkest background.

The Pre90 offers a max gain of 16dB and relay volume control to offer precise volume control, longevity and complete channel balance. In addition, the Pre90 offers a safe volume feature that will kick in when the saved volume of the target input or output exceeds set safe volume and will reduce the output to the safe volume to protect hearing and equipment.

The Ext90 was designed to be used in tandem with the Pre90 and is offered in a bundle. It offers extended inputs, most notably, 2x unbalanced RCA and 4x balanced XLR.

You can read more about the combo and purchase a set for yourself on Apos Audio.



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