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Product Launch: Welcome Cat Ear Audio & Their 1st IEM – Mia

Cat Ear Audio (C.E.A) is a brand new audio manufacturer from Shenzhen China backed by the much larger electronics firm, Shunshi. At present, the company is working on 3 products, the Mia being their first to launch internationally.

The earphone has several notable features that differentiate it from the competition. Of note is the cryogenic treatment conducted on the housing, cable and driver. This technique is commonly used in metalwork and the boutique cable industry to increase purity and wearing properties; it is especially interesting to see this conducted on the driver so stay tuned for our full review coming soon on THL.

The Mia also employs full-metal housings and an 8mm dynamic driver with SPC removable cable. The driver has been tuned with controlled air-flow system which promises a natural sound with a wide soundstage. The eaprhone is launching with a $100 USD RRP putting it in competition with some very heavy budget hitters. You can read more about the Mia on HiFiGO.



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