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Narmoo R1M earphones

The great NarMoo giveaway: enter to win an R1M headset [Winners Announced]

The Headphone List thanks all of you for your participation in the giveaway.  The winners are:

1) David Wu
2) Wong Pei Xiang
3) Sal
4) Citrus Sphinx
5) Zorha
6) Lee Yi Xuan
7) Victor Tay
8) tokiwa
9) Huyen Tr
10) Joachim
11) Ryan
12) Chris
13) Dennis
14) Andrew
15) Alice

How to claim your prize: Send an email to [email protected] from the email address used in the contest application with your name and address.  All packages will be shipped via USPS First Class for domestic and USPS First Class International for international.  THL accepts no responsibility for lost packages.  The earphones will ship in approximately one week and will arrive between 1 to 5 business days within the US and up to 4 weeks for international shipments.  Please feel free to let us know if you have a US forwarding address or would prefer to pay for a different shipping method.


Want to start the new year with a set of earphones that you can tune to your sonic preference?  Want your friend to get one also?  Good, because we’re giving away a total of 15 (that’s right, fifteen) R1M units to our fans and subscribers.

ljokerl listens to so many earphones some wonder how he has time to hear anything else around him.  He gave the NarMoo R1M a value rating of 9/10.  Here is what he had to say:

The NarMoo R1M is an excellent first effort, offering pretty much everything one could want from a budget earphone – a solid construction, built-in mic and remote, and the ability to select between three levels of bass ranging from “basshead” to “mild enhancement”


How to win one of the 15 R1M’s THL will be giving away
  1. Enter the contest using the Rafflecopter application below
  2. Comment in this post with why you want the R1M.
  3. Bonus: name one of your friends in your post, and if they enter and reply to your post, you will double your chances to win – if either of you wins, the other automatically wins also!

Narmoo R1M giveaway application

Narmoo R1M product page. Giveaway ends midnight, 12/31/2014. Winners will be selected at random one by one until 15 giveaway units are exhausted. Void where prohibited.





Having a life-long love of high-quality audio and gadgets, average_joe got back in touch with his audiophile side after a hiatus caused by life. His focus became headphones and related gear as the size and price fit his life better than home audio. He believes the entire audio chain is important, and likes to continue to think past the headphone and on into the head, as he believes understanding the details of how we hear will lead to a better audio experience.


88 Responses

  1. My cheapo earphones broke so I’ve been looking around for a new pair, and these would be pretty sweet.
    Also, happy new year!

  2. The idea of the sound adjustment system seems great. This makes the NarMoo R1M suitable for different kinds of music and personal preferences. I’d love to try them out.

  3. I’m in the market for new IEMs having lost my M2’s and these iem’s look high quality and I like the unique sound tweaking feature.

  4. Thanks for this and all that you do! And Id love to win this because they seem like a great first pair to start off with!

  5. Great giveaway!!! I am expanding my head fi exploration into iem’s and the R1M’s look like a great fit for my basshead on rock, mild boost on jazz needs. The HTL rocks.

  6. I am expanding my head fi experience into iem.s and R1M’s are a great place to start this sonic exploration ;-).

  7. Hey í’d like to recommend this gift to my friend, Selferinoz!
    Thanks to the great Joker and team for the wonderful present!

  8. Winning these would be too good!
    I would prefer these V shaped goodies instead of Pistons.The Pistons are good.And I like their warm signature.But these,would be bang for the buck!
    Fingers crossed!

  9. I would love to receive a new pair of earbuds because my school is far, the bus ride is an hour, and music is my only entertainment. Mine are broken and I can’t go back to buying a pair of 10$ earbuds every month due to lack of money as I am 16 and there are no jobs available to me near by.

  10. Have you guys ever done a giveaway before? I haven’t been on here very long but I appreciate the opportunity. Coming from a SteelSeries Flux (which ljokerl recommended) I’m pretty sure you guys chose the NarMoo for good reasons 😉 ¡Gracias!

  11. hallo ….
    würde sie gerne gewinnen,um zu schauen,ob die beim Sport(joggen u rudern) mich nach vorne bringen,,,
    eine schöne Zeit für euch

  12. I could really use some new headphones, I burn through them really fast and some quality ones would be nice. Thanks for the heads up Sal

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