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Noble Audio universal earphone

Universal In-Ear Monitors from Noble Audio + Black Friday Sale!

The end of this week will mark the release of universal in-ear monitors from Noble Audio, new venture of Dr. John Moulton – better known as “The Wizard” – and crew, launched back in October. Noble’s universal lineup will be available on Black Friday (November 29th) and will include 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-driver models starting at $350 for the triple and going all the way up $999 for the Noble 6.

The official website can be found at

Photos of the new universal monitors from Noble have not yet been released but some “leaked” sketches  can be found at the bottom of the page.

In addition, starting on Thursday, all Noble universal and custom-fit earphones will be subject to a 20% discount for a period of 72 hours. Can’t speak for the new universal models but the quad-driver Noble 4S silicone customs I have in my possession are more than worth their $800 (after 20% discount) price tag.

Noble’s official statement is posted below. Photos follow.


For 72 hours beginning 12:01 am PST on Thursday, November

28th, all Noble IEMs and CIEMs will be 20% off in spirit of

Black Friday. If at anytime during the sale you are unsure

as to how much time is left, please refer to the timer on

our homepage.

As mentioned above, Black Friday will mark the introduction

of our universal IEMs. The line-up consists of three, four,

five, and six driver configurations. All IEMs come with a

small Otterbox carrying case, one Noble cable, 12 pairs of

ear tips, two Noble audio bands, and one cleaning tool.

All IEMs will come in a high-gloss black shell with a

matte black Noble logo on each faceplate for a subtle and

timeless look. All IEMs are estimated to be delivered prior

to Christmas contingent on demand.

Vive la révolution!





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