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Vision Ears VE5- The Valedictorian of the Midrange!

The Germans prove once again that they are the best engineers in the world

All hail the new king of the midrange! Tonality, check. Openness, yup. Clarity, detail. Yes yes yes yes yes. I need to stop and catch my drool. I’ve had this IEM for a year now, and one benefit of that time is that I’ve read what many others have thought about it. I read as others said this was not just mid-centric, this was mids-only. Following my eyes- not my ears- the VE5 was apparently an IEM for those who enjoy a singular sensation. Quiver beneath a waning moon, and be forever haunted by she who wails for her demon lover!

Nonsense. The mids on the VE5 are the best spring water. Delicate, clean, pure, controlled. This is not Alexander the Great stomping all over Europe. This is not Napoleon fighting war after war, hopelessly overcompensating for his tiny toes. No, this is a benevolent king, a king who wins you over with his gentle, firm voice. He talks and listens in equal measure; he acts and observes in turn. He speaks softly, but each word lingers, always fully-formed and perfectly articulated, with the weight of authority. James Dean, step aside. The VE5 is no rebel, and it definitely has a cause.

Over the course of my FFAB 2 shootout, I found myself turning again and again to the VE5 as my midrange reference. That IEM sounds good on vocals? Let’s put on the VE5. An IEM sounds detailed in the mids? VE5 again. In fact, confession time, these sessions often started with me reviewing one IEM and ended with me admiring the VE5 instead. Shit. No wonder the shootout seemed like it would never actually start.

So, if you’re the type who doesn’t like to read through reviews, let’s end it right here. If all you ever listen to are acapella or violin recitals; if all you cherish is the tingling sensation of a vocal powerhouse like Tsai Qin (google her) emoting heart to ears; and if all you want is to enjoy this music without going over the top with super-splashy renditions….

Then the Vision Ears VE5 is the perfect IEM for you.

For everyone else, read on!

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IEM: Vision Ears VE5

Form Factor: Custom In-Ear Monitor

Damage: 1430 € (Euros)

Type of CIEM: 5 BA Drivers, 4 Crossovers

Build Quality: Absolutely and utterly stunning



Page 2: German Engineering: An Interview with Vision Ears



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