Lime Ears Now Available on Apos Audio


Esteemed Polish audio company Lime Ears have made a name for themselves with their stunning IEM designs that frequently make the recommendation shortlist for critics and users alike. Their proprietary technologies such as VariBore, PAR and TrueSub differentiate their offerings from the norm. We’ve had a long-standing cooperation with the company, having reviewed almost all of their models on THL where we’ve found constant quality and refinement.

Apos Audio is proud to announce they are now an authorised dealer of Lime Ears and will be carrying their entire line-up, offered with Apos’ signature legendary support. This include the 3-BA Psi, the 4-BA Model X, their 6-driver Aether R and their new flagship hybrid Pneuma.

You can peruse the discounted collection on Apos here and read up on our reviews right here.


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